A Few Reasons to Plan a Vacation to Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita, Mexico pic
Sayulita, Mexico
Image: sayulita.com

Lee Hnetinka is cofounder and CEO of Darkstore, a company that enables online retailers to offer their customers same-day delivery. In his free time, Lee Hnetinka enjoys traveling, particularly to such undiscovered vacation destinations as Sayulita, Mexico.

Located north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita welcomes visitors interested in experiencing the many charms of a sleepy beachfront town along Mexico’s Riviera Maya. A few reasons to consider planning a trip to this hidden coastal gem include:

1. Food. With over 100 restaurants, Sayulita offers seemingly unlimited dining choices. Local delicacies include fish tacos and ceviche prepared with fresh catches straight from the ocean. Travelers can also beat the heat with a paleta, a traditional Mexican popsicle, while adults can enjoy a spicy cocktail known as the Michelada.

2. Lodging. Lodging options abound, as tourists can stay in the charming and uniquely designed Petit Hotel Hafa or the luxury beachfront Villa Amor. Alternatively, they can camp along the beach or rent one of the town’s hundreds of villas.

3. Surfing. A surfing hotspot since the 1960s, Sayulita attracts a number of advanced surfers looking to ride the challenging Pacific waves. However, the presence of surfing schools and ample board-renting options also make the town ideal for those new to the sport.


Darkstore – A Successful $1.4 Million Seed Round Enables Expansion

Darkstore pic
Image: techcrunch.com

Based in New York, Darkstore CEO Lee Hnetinka focuses on the same-day delivery needs of e-commerce brand retailers. An April, 2017, article in TechCrunch brought focus to Lee Hnetinka’s success in completing a $1.4 million PivotNorth-led seed round designed to enable the firm to expand from three markets to a total of seven, with new markets including Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The seed funding round was noteworthy in being led by PivotNorth CEO Tim Connors, who also guided delivery startup Deliv’s successful seed round. Mr. Connors is now integrally involved in the operations of Darkstore as a board member. In tandem with the funding round, Darkstore expanded its brand partners beyond mattress startup Tuft & Needle and the clothing maker Wildfang, and added Master & Dynamic, a high-end headphone manufacturer, to its lineup.

The seed round capped a period of significant growth, with the startup generating 120 percent month-on-month order growth in its first year of operations. The firm shipped goods valued at nearly $1 million in November and December of 2016. The company has an innovative business model of not charging for inventory storage and instead charging three percent (with an upper limit of $20) on every item shipped out.

What Is Bikram Yoga?

Lee Hnetinka
Lee Hnetinka

Darkstore, a company offering an incredible delivery experience to e-commerce brands around the globe, was co-created by its CEO, Lee Hnetinka. Lee Hnetinka practices Bikram yoga in his free time.

Bikram Yoga pic
Bikram Yoga
Image: bikramyoga.com

Bikram yoga pushes the body to the limit, but also helps to send blood to the muscles, eliminate pain, and sharpen the mind. First gaining popularity in the 1970s, Bikram yoga is practiced by repeating the same 26 poses during a 90-minute class in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is kept high, and practitioners claim that as a result, many toxins are ejected from the body. Weight loss, improved blood flow, and more flexibility are also reported benefits. Drinking plenty of water before a class is vital, with eight to nine glasses on the day of class recommended.

Practicing Bikram yoga on a full stomach is not ideal, with a simple banana or cup of applesauce considered enough to energize a person for the hour and a half class. When assuming the poses, a specific type of breathing is used, which can be difficult for beginners. However, after a bit of practice, Bikram yoga can be a positive and healthy routine.