lee2bhnetinka2bbest2bman1Limo drivers as well as taxi drivers are beginning to get worried about the future of their jobs. Driverless cars have been talked about practically non-stop in recent years. Will cab and limo drivers be replaced by cars that can drive themselves? Many people think that it seems to be on the horizon after Google’s former executive David Krane made a 258 million dollar investment in Uber last year. David Krane is currently a general partner with Google Ventures and it is predicted that this huge investment in Uber will allow google’s driverless cars to take over the fleet of manned cars and trucks that Uber has.

However when Krane was asked about the investment he said that, “these things are exciting, incredibly forward but nowhere near ready for prime time.” This statement also said that he rode in a Google car from Silicon Valley to San Francisco and that a human driver was involved in the beginning, the end and a few times in the middle.

This 259 Million dollar investment from Dave Krane is the largest single bet that the Uber cab company has received. Making David Krane’s involvement in Uber as well as Google a very interesting transaction to watch.


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