Darkstore – a Unique Same-Day Delivery Fulfillment System

Darkstore pic
Image: techcrunch.com

Guided by WunWun founder Lee Hnetinka, Darkstore is an emerging force in the same-day delivery fulfillment sphere. As described by Lee Hnetinka, the Darkstore model is directly influenced by disruptors such as Uber and Airbnb in serving as an efficient, responsive fulfillment provider that does not actually run a fulfillment center.

In a TechCrunch article, Mr. Hnetinka detailed a platform with a unique system in place that does not charge for inventory storage but rather places a 3 percent fee on all items shipped. The minimum charge is $2, with a $20 maximum. For example, when Tuft & Needle customers purchase a $750 mattress through the San Francisco showroom, Darkstore charges $20 for that item as it goes out the door.

In order to enable same-day fulfillment in San Francisco, Darkstore initially partnered with Storage SF in finding a way of quadrupling its per-square-foot revenues while providing customer-first fulfillment solutions. They created a win-win 70/30 revenue-sharing model, with the startup giving 70 percent of the 3 percent it charges to the storage facility as each item ships.


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