Delivery Fulfillment Innovation at Darkstore


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 Darkstore sets itself apart from its closest competitors by working with both new on-demand couriers, such as UberRUSH, and traditional shipping organizations, such as FedEx and UPS.

Lee Hnetinka is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Darkstore in New York City. Echoing a business model developed by Uber and Airbnb, Lee Hnetinka and the Darkstore team are a rapidly developing player in the same-day delivery fulfillment industry.

Darkstore is capable of fulfilling a variety of standard shipping requests from multiple locations. However, the business is best known for its same-day delivery capabilities and, in some cases, one-hour deliveries. A technology-driven company, Darkstore seeks to innovate and enhance fulfillment processes whenever possible.

Traditional fulfillment practices began in 1997 with the rise of the Internet, and for more than two decades it has gone largely unchanged. Due to this stagnation, most brands spend up to 25 percent of their revenue on fulfillment matters. Meanwhile, Darkstore’s modernized approach can lower fulfillment costs to just 3 percent.

Darkstore further innovates delivery fulfillment by developing and maintaining their own API rather than relying on third-party support. Lastly, the company has invested heavily in smarter business operations via a commitment to AI and automated services. Every decision the Darkstore team makes is in the name of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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On-Demand Delivery Transforms the E-Commerce Market

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After establishing Darkstore’s original warehouse-as-a-service operation in San Francisco, Lee Hnetinka expanded operations into Phoenix, Arizona, and New York City.

A successful entrepreneur in the field of e-commerce, Lee Hnetinka founded the on-demand delivery service WunWun. After selling the company, Lee Hnetinka went on to collaborate with Wilson Lee to form Darkstore, which also provides on-demand delivery services.

Since its introduction through companies, such as Uber, on-demand delivery services have become a revolutionary player in the e-commerce marketplace. The technology allows customers to receive what they want in a much shorter time frame than what is available via traditional shipping options.

For example, customers can walk into the mattress store Tuft & Needle in San Francisco, California, and decide to buy a mattress. As long as they make their purchase before 4pm, they will receive their mattress at their home the very same day because Tuft & Needle employs on-demand delivery services. Previously it would have taken as long as three days to receive the product.

Smaller businesses across the nation have begun to take advantage of the efficiency of on-demand delivery services in their local area. These businesses offer a diverse range of products from package delivery to childcare services.

Darkstore Partners With T-Force Final Mile to Expand Market Reach

Lee Hnetinka
Lee Hnetinka (CEO of Darkstore) | The chief executive officer of Darkstore since February of 2016, Lee Hnetinka works with leading ecommerce companies to provide fast shipping services direct to consumers.