Darkstore Partners with T-Force Final Mile


T-Force Final Mile pic

T-Force Final Mile
Image: crunchbase.com

Entrepreneur Lee Hnetinka is the CEO of Darkstore, a same day delivery service for e-commerce companies. Lee Hnetinka launched Darkstore in 2016 and works to recruit e-commerce partners and expand the company’s services into regions across the United States. As a result of a recent partnership with T-Force Final Mile, Darkstore has expanded into 33 new markets across the United States.

Darkstore’s unique approach to on-demand delivery involves utilizing excess space in storage facilities, malls, and bodegas, essentially turning these underused facilities into local fulfillment centers for companies without brick and mortar storefronts. From these ruban fulfillment centers, Darkstore is able to coordinate same day on demand delivery options for its clients.

In September 2017, Darkstore formed a partnership with T-Force Final Mile, a last mile delivery company that services clients such as IKEA, Office Depot, and Amazon. The partnership allows Darkstore to expand significantly to urban centers across the United States including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, and Austin. With the addition of these markets, Darkstore moves toward helping more retailers offer the convenience of same day delivery to their customers.


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