Same-Day Delivery – A Lasting Trend in Online Retail

Darkstore pic


With a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo, Lee Hnetinka serves as the CEO of Darkstore, a San Francisco-based company he cofounded in 2016. At Darkstore, Lee Hnetinka and his team help e-commerce companies compete with giants like Amazon by providing same-day delivery services in select cities.

Shopping online has become many consumers’ preferred method for buying items ranging from clothes, shoes, and books to jewelry, cosmetics, and even specialty foods. The convenience of online retail gives anyone with an Internet connection the ability to shop anytime and anywhere. To make the process even more convenient, many e-commerce brands are working to provide same-day shipping or delivery options, which offer many benefits to both consumers and businesses.

Same-day delivery gives consumers the best of both worlds in that it combines the convenience of online shopping with the immediate access to products offered by traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Businesses benefit because same-day delivery has been shown to not only improve purchase conversion rates but increase order volume. The service can also help retailers increase sales of certain product categories, such as tools, that many consumers prefer to buy from physical stores.

In addition to improving a business’s bottom line, same-day delivery can help enhance customer relationships, boost efficiency, and reduce overall shipping costs. While many companies, including e-commerce brands, have yet to offer same-day delivery, it is becoming a must-have for retailers. The availability of same-day service and “last mile” logistics companies make it easier for retailers of all sizes to get on board with what is likely a lasting trend.


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