The History of Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga pic
Bikram Yoga

Lee Hnetinka, a successful San Francisco-based entrepreneur, founded the e-commerce logistics company Darkstore in early 2016. When not handling the day-to-day operations of the innovative company, Lee Hnetinka practices Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga is based on poses from the much older tradition of Hatha yoga, which traces back thousands of years. The founder of Bikram yoga, Bikram Choudhury, merged 26 Hatha poses into a standardized routine that he believed promoted physical health. This routine is usually performed for an hour and a half in a humid room with a temperature between 90 and 95 degrees.

Mr. Choudhury began to teach his system to students at the Bikram’s Yoga College of India, which grew in popularity. Today, there are over 300 Bikram yoga studios in the United States alone. Each course is led by an instructor who has passed a rigorous, specialized training program.

Though Bikram yoga hasn’t been studied intensively, the yoga poses it incorporates have been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower stress levels, and increase flexibility. Additionally, the higher temperatures may improve blood flow and help oxygen reach muscle tissue, making practitioners more flexible.


Undiscovered Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

Bergen, Norway pic
Bergen, Norway

By establishing the e-commerce fulfillment firm Darkstore, accomplished entrepreneur Lee Hnetinka revamped the current logistics model for online businesses, resulting in reduced costs for sellers and shorter wait times for buyers. Outside of his professional achievements, Lee Hnetinka is an experienced traveler who seeks out undiscovered locations.

There are many beautiful destinations around the world that have yet to reach peak popularity with travelers. Here are a few places where adventurous travelers can avoid the crowds.

Bergen, Norway: Bergen is stunning mountain town on Norway’s southwest coast and a great place for nature lovers and hikers. It is also the home of picturesque Sognefjord, which is a narrow strip of sea surrounded by cliffs.

Laos: This southeast Asian country is a quieter alternative to Thailand or Vietnam. The capital Vientiane is well-known for its temples, and the northern town of Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Oman: Though it is generally overlooked by travelers heading to neighboring Dubai, Oman has a host of attractions. Visitors can see ancient Bedouin forts, scuba dive in the Arabian Sea, or spend a night under the stars in the Wahiba Sands desert.