Visiting Calabria in Italy

Calabria pic


An accomplished logistics professional, entrepreneur Lee Hnetinka created Darkstore, a platform that facilitates same-day delivery for online brands by creating fulfillment centers within warehouses and bodegas in local areas. When he can, Lee Hnetinka enjoys traveling to destinations like Calabria, Italy, that are beautiful but not too well known.

Calabria is situated in the far south of Italy and is not among Italy’s most popular destinations, which makes it a quieter place where visitors can experience a more authentic Italian experience. July is hot and August is the busiest season, as plenty of Italians also vacation in Calabria. In the winter months, it can get cold enough to snow.

Local food is colorful in a land dotted with lemon, orange, and olive groves. Calabria is known for its peperoncino, a red chili pepper that’s celebrated with a festival each September in the town of Diamante. Most towns in the region feature markets full of local food like the spicy spreadable ‘nduja sausage, stuffed cherry peppers, and other offerings which are open every morning. Plenty of Calabrians make their own wine, and a popular after-dinner drink is vecchio amaro del capo, a liqueur featuring local herbs like aniseed and peppermint.

Located on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas, Calabria has both rocky coasts and sandy beaches with bright blue water. There are also mountains to visit and three national parks filled with waterfalls and canyons, where the region’s wilderness can be explored in the warmth of summer or the cooler wintertime months.


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