Lee HnetinkaIn 2016, Lee Hnetinka cofounded Darkstore, a delivery fulfillment platform used by digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs), such as mattress startup Tuft & Needle. Working with both on-demand delivery companies such as UberRUSH and traditional couriers including FedEx and UPS, the business operates several fulfillment locations throughout the United States. Lee Hnetinka’s company offers options for on-demand, same-day, and two-day delivery, all priced competitively at 3 percent of the retail price per item.

In addition, as chief executive officer of Darkstore, Hnetinka has structured his company’s business model to take advantage of excess space in storage facilities and malls to avoid charging retailers fees to store inventory and to provide partner businesses that have empty space the opportunity draw income from these spaces.

Under Hnetinka’s leadership, Darkstore strives to positively impact consumers by making a wider variety of products more accessible. Currently, Darkstore focuses on ecommerce DNVBs that do not have a local, brick-and-mortar storefront but want to offer quick delivery options for customers.

Lee Hnetinka holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo.